Happy people do great work.

And great work makes clients happy.

Natalie Osborne

Owner / Lead Developer

Natalie has been building websites since 1999.  Remember FrontPage and Netscape?  Yep, that’s how long she’s been creating on the internet.   She’s held several positions with reputable companies throughout the DotCom boom, bust and second boom.    Most notably was her tenure as a Senior Marketing Producer at Major League Baseball (MLB.com).  Prior to that, she was the Production Manager at KBKids.com (eToys), supervising a staff of front-end web producers.

Natalie has a passion for creating functional and sleek websites, without breaking the bank.

Erin Hess

Web Producer

Erin has been producing websites for two years as she completes her degree in Geography and Geographic Information Sciences at Montana State University. She loves that both web development and GIS require attention to detail and aesthetic design thinking.

Big Sky, MT

211-A Pheasant Tail Lane
Big Sky, Montana 59716

Bozeman, MT

27 E. Main Street, Suite E
Bozeman, MT 59715

Anchorage, AK

601 W. 5th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99501