Managed WordPress Hosting

We provide solid and secure WordPress Hosting.  We handle all of the technical aspects of running a site on WordPress. Free SSL certificate. Nightly backups. Blazing-fast speed. 24/7 support.

Proud Partner of WP Engine

There are lots of choices when it comes to hosting your website.  If you read down the basic list of provisions for many of these services they sound very similar. It’s hard to know what makes one service better than the next one.

As we have grown, we’ve gone through a lot of hosting experiences and companies: GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground, and Pagely to name a few. All these hosting companies have their own strengths and weaknesses. Throughout all those experiences, WP Engine has consistently risen to the top with us. WP Engine outperforms all other providers in six very important key areas:

  1. Technical support, expertise, and response time
  2. Automatic and managed backups
  3. Single-click staging environments and backup restores
  4. Fully integrated caching and CDN systems
  5. Ease of system upgrades based on specific customer needs
  6. Smooth and simple site migration tools

As our client base and scope of projects continue to expand, it has become imperative that where we host these applications provides the reliability and performance our clients expect. That’s why we have decided to partner directly with WP Engine. WP Engine consistently delivers the support and experience that our clients deserve.


Hacking Guarantee

Secure your WordPress website.All of our WordPress hosting accounts come with a guarantee against hacking. If your site gets hacked, we will help you secure and restore your site for free. In and of itself this is a great benefit, but there are also great benefits for SEO with this feature.

One of the reasons we can make this guarantee is that the WP Engine development team maintains a database of known threats, malicious plugins, and badly behaving themes. WP Engine then blocks customers from installing these known threats which can have a negative effect on the site itself and other sites on the server. Additionally, when new known threats emerge, WP Engine scans its systems for instances of the threat and helps you remove new threats if they affect your site.

There are two primary SEO concerns that hosting on WP Engine’s secure platform can help eliminate. First of all, sites that are hacked are often used for malware distribution. If your site is hacked, used for malware distribution, and discovered by a search engine you can pretty much guarantee immediately being delisted from the search engine. Recovering from this penalty can sometimes be difficult and lengthy.

Additionally, if your site is hacked it can be repurposed to show new content, place hidden links to bad websites, and a whole host of other nasty tricks you might not even be able to notice when looking at your website. These attacks can make search engines think you’re a nefarious webmaster violating its terms, or that your site is associated with spammy content sites (payday loans, pornography, etc), and much, much worse. If your site is hacked and your content and links are compromised you could be facing a huge search penalty that may be impossible to recover from and could result in your site being banned in the search engines forever.

WP Engine’s super secure service and hacking guarantee lets you rest easy knowing that our web hosting partner has your back in keeping your visitors safe and your reputation spotless with the search engines.