Migrating your Business Catalyst website to WordPress

Adobe is terminating Business Catalyst on September 26, 2021.

Business Catalyst sites will be taken down and all data deleted with no come back button. While 2021 seems like a forever away, we’d recommend not getting too comfortable. Website migration can be a timely and stressful process so it’s best to start thinking about the switch now.


Migrate from Business Catalyst to WordPress



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Why WordPress is the Best CMS for Business Catalyst Users

Alongside Joomla and Drupal, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world. However, unlike all of the rest, WordPress is the most popular CMS. Powering more than 25% of the Internet, WordPress is the home to over 70,000,000 different websites!

WordPress is an Affordable Solution

Business Catalyst wasn’t overly expensive. However, WordPress beats it handily when it comes to price. First, the software itself is free. It’s also open-source, so you can host it anywhere you want.

That means you’re free to choose the cheapest web host you can find, or look around for the best service. Either way, setting up a new WordPress website should only cost you what you’ll need to spend on a domain and hosting.

WordPress can get expensive if you use premium themes and plugins. However, there are thousands of free options available in both categories, so you have plenty of choices. Plus, with the money you save on software licensing, you can put your budget towards design, development, and hosting.

WordPress is Highly Customizable

A lot of people think that WordPress is ‘just’ a blogging platform. It might have started out as one, and it still shines in that area. However, nowadays WordPress has long since broken out of that shell.

Right now, you can set up a WordPress website in less than an hour, install an eCommerce plugin, and use the platform to power an online store. There are also themes and plugins to turn your site into a portfolio, company site, review site, community forum, and more.

Business Catalyst had plenty of advanced functionality, such as its CRM, analytics, and email marketing features. Using WordPress, however, you can easily add CRM features to your website through plugins. You can also connect your site to Google Analytics.

The same applies to email marketing. With the right tools, you can easily connect WordPress with your favorite email marketing platform, so you won’t miss out on any of the features Business Catalyst offered.

Most Popular CMS on the Web

WordPress powers over 38% of all websites, and that’s not a typo.

Out of the websites that use open-source CMSs, WordPress corners the market as well, with around 59.7% of all users. Joomla and Drupal are its closest competitors, which hold 6.7% and 4.7% of the market share respectively.

WordPress is always innovating, and if you ever run into an issue with the platform, you’ll find dozens of guides and tutorials on how to fix it. Add to that the sheer customizability of this CMS, and you have a winning combination.

With WordPress, you can be sure the CMS isn’t going anywhere. The platform won’t reach its ‘end-of-life’ anytime soon, as so many people are invested in its growth. Plus, we’re talking about open-source software with a highly active community of developers, so there will always be people to pick up the work as others leave.

Migrating BC to WP


There is no simple way to copy and paste your site from BC to WordPress.   No magic wand.  This means everything will need to transfer everything manually. From web design to custom functions, we’ve broken your site into five main categories, highlighting how to migrate each component from Business Catalyst to WordPress.

Website Design

Unfortunately, when it comes to migrating the visual elements of your site to WordPress, there’s no simple hack. Business Catalyst uses HTML whilst WordPress is based on PHP and MYSQL making it impossible to export your code and upload it onto WordPress. While this might seem like a massive bummer, we’d encourage you to do some critical analysis on your website before deciding if it really is. If your current Business Catalyst site has been the same for the past 5 years, it definitely needs a redesign. No business environment is that stagnant.

When it comes to designing your WordPress site, there are two primary options — use a theme or engage with a web design agency to create a custom design. If you’re completely set on your current design, you could get an agency to develop your WordPress site based on the current design.


As a standalone platform, WordPress lacks any in-built eCommerce features but the go-to plugin, WooCommerce, is the perfect WordPress solution for any online store. Business Catalyst allows for customer data and products to be migrated to WordPress through exportation of your XML file. While this process isn’t difficult, it might be time-consuming as you’ll likely need to restructure your files.


Whilst enabling the exportation of other features, Business Catalyst currently doesn’t allow exporting of blogs posts. However, using an RSS Feed, your posts can be migrated to WordPress. In order to achieve that, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Create an RSS channel on Business Catalyst
Compile all your RSS channel URLs
Save the RSS files
Import the files into WordPress and assign categories to them

EDM & Mailing Lists

Unlike Business Catalyst, WordPress doesn’t include a built-in email marketing feature. MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Mail Poet are emailing platforms which can be integrated into your WordPress site through plugins. You won’t have to completely start again when it comes to your mailing lists as Business Catalyst allows its users to export email data.

Custom Features/Functionality

If your business is using custom-made Business Catalyst Apps, there’s currently no way to transition these over to WordPress. You’re likely to need to rebuild them through and for WordPress. This is something you’re very likely to need a professional agency to do for you.

Adobe Business Catalyst Migration FAQs

How are web forms handled?

WONDERBUILD migrates all web forms to Gravity Forms, including labels, different field types and additional associated attributes. 

What is included in a migration?

WONDERBUILD can migrate as much or as little content as you desire. Below is a list of what we migrate from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress:

  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Products
  • Web Apps
  • Customers
  • Secure Zones

We can also rebuild any custom functionality and recreate your design as a mobile-friendly and responsive WordPress theme.

How do you handle eCommerce product migration?

WONDERBUILD migrates products to the WordPress eCommerce standard, called WooCommerce. Our migration process supports full attributes and variations, along with all of the basic details, such as categorization, tagging, description, price, sales price and more. Once the product data is complete, we help set up any merchant account you prefer to use.  Get a full scope of the WooCommerce plugins’ capabilities and extensions by visiting WooCommerce.com.

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